Dubai is not only an excellent place to travel but also a great place to study. Many renowned and leading universities from all over the world have state of the art campuses located in Dubai making studying in Dubai a great option.

Dubai is home to people from all over the world providing a rich multi-cultural experience to students unlike other places. Universities provide accredited and established degrees in different programs related to engineering, business administration, arts, architecture, media, IT and many more. Most universities also accept transfer students allowing international students to experience the richness Dubai has to offer for a few semesters or complete their degrees here.

The best way to find out more information about universities in Dubai is to visit their respective websites or address them an email.

Living in Dubai as a student is a breeze and hassle free. Moving around Dubai is easy thanks to the solid transport infrastructure in place and provided by the Dubai Metro and RTA bus and Taxi services. With countless restaurants offering all types of international cuisines, one can always enjoy their country food as well as try food from all over the world. Leading clothing brands from all over also allow the fashion conscious to dress to their likening. With so many different options, one can live in Dubai comfortably with any budget.

Students with a valid international license from European countries can rent a car and are permitted to drive.

Dubai is also one of the most safest places to live. With through laws in place which are the same for all nationalities, locals or expatriates, the crime rate is extremely low. With most police and government officials being fluent in English, there is no language barrier. Females have equal rights and are actually given precedence over men in most places.

Here are 5 reason why students should consider studying in Dubai;

Universities from all over the globe are located in Dubai with great campuses providing world-class facilities

A wide range of international accredited programs are provided allowing students many careers to pursue their degree in

Rich multi-cultural studying environment allowing students to come in contact with different traditions

Vast number of restaurants and retail brands, beaches and clubs allowing for a fun-filled social life

One of the safest cities in the world providing equal rights for all

External Links

Here are links to few of the universities located in Dubai.

American University in Dubai;

Canadian University of Dubai;

Emirates Aviation College;

Hult International Business School;

Middlesex University Dubai;

University of Wollongong;

Zayed University;

Please note that we are in no way associated with any education institutions including the institutions mentioned above.

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Studying in Dubai
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