Real Estate Cancelled Projects Committee

The Dubai Court has issued a very important notice on their website regarding all  real estate properties that have been cancelled and are to undergo liquidation.

The page is tilted “Real Estate Cancelled Projects Committees” and informs that the listed properties have been declared cancelled and the final notice as been served. The listed properties are to be liquidated and the rights to be settled.

” The Committee for the liquidation of cancelled real estate projects in the Emirate of Dubai and settlement of rights related thereof, specializes in liquidation of real estate projects , by which a final decision of cancellation has been issued by Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), Whereas the judgments, orders and decisions issued by the Committee shall be final, peremptory and unappealable by all means of a regular appeal , and shall be executed by the implement Department Dubai Courts “


Investors may register in two ways, manually by visiting the courts in person or register online.

Please note last date for submission for both manual or electronic applications for the properties listed below is on Sunday, 31/08/2014 .

Update: A new list of properties has been released, please click here to read more Real Estate Cancelled Projects March 2015.

Register Manually

Investors can register manually by paying a visit to the Dubai Courts in the evenings from 02:30 pm to 07:30 pm and visiting the main building “Central Services Hall on the first floor”.

Dubai Courts

Timings: 2:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Central Services Hall on the first floor

Register Online

Registration may also be done electronically by clicking on the name of your project and then filling in the required information.

To register online, please go to the Dubai Court website, and find the page on the bottom right of the site or use use this direct link to the page, Real Estate Cancelled Projects Committees.

To register online first select the property developer, then select the property and fill in the required information.

The following are the canceled projects.

  • Tower 88
High Rise Properties LLC
  • Dorna Tower
  • Orchid Residences
  • The Heights-Golden
  • Waves Business Tower
  • The Heights-Silver
  • Rotating Residence
  • Heigh Rise Boulevard1
  • Heigh Rise Boulevard2
  • Wings Of Arabia
Khyool Investment LLC
  • Abjar Tower
  • Faras 2
  • Rufi Tower (Quattro)
  • Archery Tower
  • Rufi Lake View
  • Quattro West
Dheeraj & East Coast LLC
  • Cascade Manor
  • Azizi Feirouz I
  • Azizi Feirouz II
  • Azizi Feirouz III
  • Azizi Fountanne Tower
Bux Holdings Limited
  • Beti Ul Funoon
Cliff Dwellings Enterprises LTD
  • Global Golf Residence
Parshwa Holdings Limited
  • Sapphire
Galadari Investment Office Limited
  • G-Office Tower
Escan Real Estate PJS
  • Escan Tower
M E Development LLC
  • Windsor Residence
I.R.Investments Holding Company Limited
  • Tonino Lamborghini-Elettra Residence
Orbit Holdings LTD
  • Orbrit Holding
Al Zahra Properties
  • Eden 1
  • Eden 2
  • Sunset Gardens B
  • Sunset Gardens A
  • Sunrise 2
  • Hampstead Residences
Zenith Real Estate Development LLC
  • Zenith Tower A3

Update: A new list of properties has been released, please click here to read more Real Estate Cancelled Projects March 2015.

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Dubai Courts,

Please note this article has been written as a public service and CBI Properties is neither a law firm nor any way related to any of the above parties. If you require more information regarding this matter, please contact the Dubai Court or the other involved parties.

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Real Estate Cancelled Projects
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