When buying property, the focal point of most discussions is mainly the selling price. People usually consider properties which come close to their budget give or take a few or else properties that they can get a mortgage loan on.
Yet buyers often forgot to calculate the real cost of buying the property and fail to consider the different fees associated with completing the property transaction. Unlike most other countries, Dubai does not have taxes on property however, there is transaction and other fee associated with the buying of property.
What are the fees associated with buying a property in Dubai?

Oqood Fee, 4% of Original Price

The Oqood fee is payable to the developer of the property and payable only on off plan property. Click here to learn more about what is Oqood

Transfer Fee, 4% of Selling Price

The transfer fee is payable to the Dubai Land Department and is the fee charged for completing the transaction process levied by the government.

Agency Fee, 2% of the Selling Price

The agency fee is payable to the real estate agency or broker who worked as a connection link between the buyer and seller facilitating the deal.

These three types of fee should be considered when evaluating the property for purchase or when applying for a mortgage. Also check that they are calculated properly for instance, the Oqood fee is a percentage calculated from the original price where as the transfer fee and agency fee are calculated from the selling price.

Ready Property

Off Plan Property

Selling Price Selling Price
Transfer Fee
(4% of Selling Price)
Oqood Fee
(4% of Original Price)
Agency Fee
(2% of Selling Price)
Transfer Fee
(4% of Selling Price)
Agency Fee
(2% of Selling Price)

We have included two calculators to help calculate the associated fees, just input the selling price and the original price to have the fees calculated.

*Please note that this is an approximate total cost and takes into consideration all the major cost related to buying property but does not include other minor service fees that might be associated or charged by the government.

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Guide: Selling Price + Other Fees
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