Things to Consider When Making Property Decisions

Buying or renting a property can be a confusing task but it is no rocket science. Here are 6 things which everyone should consider when making decisions about buying or renting a property in Dubai. Although this guide is about Dubai, the list could also be used in general for property else where as well.

1. Location

When choosing property to buy or rent, the location of the property should be the first concern. Effecting property prices directly, Location should also be considered due to other reasons such as proximity to schools or one’s place of work, proximity to shops, noise level of the area, neighborhood profile and security.

Prices in Dubai are greatly affected by location/locale of the property. Some of the high end areas are Burj Downtown and Dubai Marina where the price per sq.ft can be almost double compared to a similar property else where in the city.

2. Size

Besides effecting the price of the property, the overall size of the property must be considered based on one’s long-term needs. While a studio apartment and one bedroom are spacious for a person to live by themselves, if more people will be moving in later than going for a bigger property would be a more sensible move.

In Dubai, the number of car parking spaces given to a property are usually allocated based on the property size, i.e 1 bedroom 1 space and 2 bedroom 2 spaces.

3. Layout

The layout is an important aspect of the buying process because in the end, this is where you and your family will be living. It is important to know what type of a layout would be best suited so that properties can be filtered early saving time.

Dubai is a home to many designers with different backgrounds and way of thinking thus one can find a variety of layout designs. A two bedroom in one place will highly unlikely to be of the same layout in another area.

4. Quality

The build quality of the property such as the flooring, kitchen finishing must also be inspected. How well and often the overall property is maintained should be noted too. Knowing when the property was build, if there were any previous owners and any modifications made would also help determine the quality of the property.

A good indication of how the quality of a property in Dubai could end up as is by knowing who the developer of the property is and by comparing other developed properties of the developer. Also in Dubai, high price usually means better quality however that is not always the case.

5. Explore

Look at as many homes as possible and try to visit them personally. Looking online at photos of a property will aid you in finding a suitable property however do visit the property personally. Random visits to the property and inspecting the property and the locale both during the day and night would be advisable.

Just like everywhere else, all that glitters in not gold and one must invest time in exploring properties and visiting them personally in Dubai. Images online of a property can be taken to make a property good or poor photos can make a good property look bad.

One important thing to consider is that something that you find tempting might also be tempting to others. So do not make decisions in haste but also do not take too much time to decide.

6. Help

Finding a suitable property can be difficult and time consuming. There are countless properties one can look at however not only is it not possible, but also it does not guarantee anything. Insufficient and incorrect information of the market can make a bad property look good. One can therefore approach the help of a real estate agent to take care of the search and negotiation procedure as well as come up to a more educated decision.

It is the duty of the Real Estate Agent to understand your needs, find the right property and do all the background checks related to the property.

At CBI Properties, we are motivated and dedicated to make the process of finding a suitable property for you a hassle free experience by utilizing our vast experience of real estate in Dubai and our trained professionals who can guide you through each of the step.

You can always contact us by phone or email with your inquiry and we will be happy to aid you with your needs. Contact Details

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Guide: 6 Things to Consider When Making Property Decisions
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