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Studying in Dubai

Dubai is not only an excellent place to travel but also a great place to study. Many renowned and leading universities from all over the world have state of the…


Guide: Where to live as a Student in Dubai

Where to live as a Student in Dubai Dubai is now a great option for students looking to study abroad. The universities in Dubai offer intentionally accredited degree programs with…

Dubai Trade Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020 “Dubai Won The Bid!!! Mabrook” Congratulations to Dubai for winning the EXPO 2020 bid. Our sincere commemoration to all the other cities: Izmir in Turkey, Yekaterinburg (Ekaterinburg)…

Happy New Year

“Happy New Year Everyone” 2013 is a now a memory, let us all welcome 2014 with open hands. Wishing everyone an even more prosperous, healthy, fruitful and happy new year.…

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Infograph: 2013 Dubai Property Rental Prices

Emaar Rasha – Arabian Ranches

Emaar Rasha Villas are the latest addition of villas to the existing Arabian Ranches Community by the master developer Emaar.


Guide: Selling Price + Other Fees

When buying property, the focal point of most discussions is mainly the selling price. People usually consider properties which come close to their budget give or take a few or…