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Downtown Dubai

Downtown Properties

Downtown Properties. Looking for Downtown Properties for sale? Well we have Offices and Apartments for sale so come have a look at our listings.

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Oqood Meaning Explained

Learn the important aspects of Oqood meaning “Contract” in Arabic in this easy to understand infograph.

Emirates Hills Map

Emirates Hills. See the master plan and location map of Emirates Hills, Dubai. Learn about the community and property availability.


Guide: Dubai Rental Law as a Landlord

Be an informed landlord by understanding the Rental Law that effects landlords in Dubai and read tips to avoid facing problems later.

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai

The posh and happening Downtown Dubai district is the heart of the city Dubai with iconic landmarks and restaurants across the boulevard.


Guide: Investing in Off-Plan Property

Here we discuss how one can make an informed and safe discussion about purchasing an off-plan property and why investing in such a property is okay.

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