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Gardenia Townhomes Al Wasl Gate Dubai

Gardenia Town-homes offer spacious townhouses at a very affordable price within the city limits. With 3 or 4 bedroom town home options, pick the family home that best suits your loved ones or as a lucrative investment prospect.

Real Estate Term: Oqood

Oqood. What does Oqood mean? What is it? What are the benefits and how much is the fee? All these common questions answered and clarified.


UAE Fuel Prices

UAE Fuel Prices. Updated monthly, check the current fuel the prices in the UAE including easy to understand graphs showing historical data.

Real Estate Cancelled Projects List

The Dubai Court has released the real estate cancelled projects list which contains information about projects that are to be liquidated soon. Read the whole project list and general information here.

Real Estate Cancelled Projects March 2015

Updated list of properties issued by Dubai Court regarding real estate properties that have been cancelled and are to undergo liquidation.

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Infograph: Top Dubai Property Buyers

Property buyers invested a total of AED 218 Billion in Dubai in the year 2014. Here are all those stats and more in an easy to understand info-graph.

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Properties

Downtown Properties. Looking for Downtown Properties for sale? Well we have Offices and Apartments for sale so come have a look at our listings.

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Oqood Meaning Explained

Learn the important aspects of Oqood meaning “Contract” in Arabic in this easy to understand infograph.